Thursday, May 26, 2005

Durham is Great

So, last night somebody burned three crosses in Durham. Probably some teenagers who thought they were being funny, but from the community response, you'd think the Klan had just lynched the mayor. Now, I'm getting emails urging me to go to the "vigil" tonight at the scene of one of the burnings.

When will people realize that there are different oppinions floating around and they aren't all the same? Burning crosses is about as stupid a thing as you can do. It's a pussy's way of saying "Hey, you suck!" But I'll tell you what's even more stupid...Getting in an uproar about it. Honestly, who gives a shit about a couple of hillbillies who thought they'd change the world with a bonfire?

Let's march together and show everyone just how effective we can be!...A rally!...That's the ticket! We'll stand around and cheer for each other. That will make everyone feel good and special without having to actually do anything. We'll show those racists that we'll not stand for their bullshit!

You wonder why Republicans control D.C.?